Here's what the client had to say about working with CastleView 3D:

“Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. The finished product from CastleView3D was professionally executed and exactly what was advertised: a 3-D version of a floor plan. Kathleen's enthusiasm during the process, her consistent follow-through, her creative input and advice all made working with her a most enjoyable experience. In addition to the fun of working with Kathleen, I got great 3D images.”

-- J.C.O., Rochester, NY

Master Bath Remodel

This series of photos and renderings shows how CastleView 3D worked with a homeowner who wanted to combine an unused spare bedroom and a tiny powder room into a luxurious master bath.

When she first spoke with CastleView 3D, this client already had a good idea of how she wanted her new bathroom to look and what the layout should be. She provided a floorplan sketch with measurements, photos of the current rooms (including details like doors and moldings), and images of fixtures, tile, and lighting she had found in product catalogs and on the internet.


Consultation with Castleview 3D

CastleView 3D combined all these elements into a 3D layout and renderings of the new room from various angles. This enabled the client to determine how well her ideas would work and whether she liked the look of the materials and fixtures she had chosen. After a couple of modifications, she was happy with the results and felt ready to present the layout overview and renderings to her contractor. The images below are the final renderings of the planned bathroom before construction began.

Click thumbnails to open full-sized renderings.


During Construction

While no remodeling project ever goes exactly as planned, the contractors, Rob and Dean Lucas of Lucas Suburban Remodeling in Webster, NY, said that having the CastleView 3D renderings to work from made their job much easier, because there was no guesswork involved in determining exactly what the client wanted. Here are a few photos of the demolition and construction work in progress.



Here's the beautiful finished bath! Although the client made some changes along the way, including paint color and lighting fixtures, the finished bathroom is remarkably close to the concept renderings produced by CastleView 3D.

And Finally...

...a re-done version of the original rendering to more closely match the client's final choices.

Final Master Bath Rendering