Reasons for NOT using 3D images for your building or remodeling project

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What are some reasons for NOT using 3D images for your project? 

There aren’t any. 

You might think cost could be a reason.  If so, then either:

  1. You haven’t fully understood the value of 3Ds, and/or
  2. You haven’t found the right professional to create them for you.

For help with #1, read How to estimate the value of 3D visualization, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, Deep thoughts on 3D Biz, or 3D Rendering with Chief Architect.  These posts from seasoned 3D designers and artists should make the cost to value ratio abundantly clear.

For help with #2, contact me at CastleView 3D, and if I’m not the right person for your project, I can refer you to one of the other professionals I know.

Other “reasons”:

  • Time:  See #1 above.
  • Scope:  See #1 and 2 above.
  • “I wouldn’t know who to ask or how to get started”:  See my answer to #2 above.
  • “My architect/builder/designer doesn’t do 3Ds”:  See my answer to #2 above.  There are many 3D design and rendering specialists who can work hand-in-hand with your current architect or builder, or we can work directly with you on images that you can use to improve communication with your builder.
  • “I’m not exactly sure what I want yet”:  See #2 above.  Some 3D professionals specialize in creating concept images to help you choose the features and design elements that are most important to you.

So you can see that there really are no valid reasons not to utilize 3D renderings and raytraces for your building, remodeling, or decorating project, unless you’re the type of person who enjoys big — and possibly unpleasant — surprises.

3D images are a valuable asset for improving communication, ultimately saving you time, money, AND sleepless nights!

3D Kitchen Rendering by

Kitchen Remodel -- Design by Louie Carter of Grayson Homes; 3D rendering by CastleView 3D

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3 responses to “Reasons for NOT using 3D images for your building or remodeling project

  1. I have one builder that I do construction documents for – he rarely uses the 3d images that I create for his project becuase he doesn’t want to be locked in to a particular color, pattern, or material with the home-owner….

    But, in my experience, every homeowner that has seen an image of their home design project has said “wow” and often times the images sell the project.

  2. Thanks, Chris. That strikes me as an odd reason — as though the 3D images were a binding contract with the customer, which of course they’re not unless both parties explicitly agree to that. But in that case, the finish materials would be spelled out in a schedule anyhow.

    That kind of excuse would be a red flag for me with a contractor or builder — that they weren’t capable of — or couldn’t be trusted to — deliver what I wanted.

  3. Well, with that particular contractor – I am not ‘designing’ in as much as I am detailing….the designs are simple fairly cut & dry…I am ‘contracted’ to create construction documents for building permits….

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