You can be clairvoyant!

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Yes, that’s right!!  You really can see into the future!

And while clairvoyance can have its negative aspects (as in premonitions, omens, creepy “sixth sense” experiences, etc.), the kind of clairvoyance I can offer is definitely a positive experience.

How can I help you see the future?  Through the medium of photorealistic 3D renderings! (of course).

Seeing the future isn’t easy.  You have to begin with at least a vague idea of what you WANT to see in the future — some people might call that a dream.  But starting from just the barest outline, we can work together to turn that outline (also known as a floorplan) into a 3D model with walls, doors, windows, and a roof.  As the vision of the future becomes clearer, we can shade it in, giving it colors and textures, lighting it naturally and/or artificially, even landscaping, furnishing, and decorating it!

Eventually, a clear picture of your architectural future will begin to emerge.  Your dreams will have taken shape, and you’ll be able to see your new or remodeled home as clearly as if you were standing in it — before a single shovelful of dirt has been dug or a single piece of drywall hung.  Now THAT’s practical magic!

I’ve created 3D models of existing homes where I’ve measured and photographed the actual house in order to make an accurate model of it, and it’s always rewarding to feel like I’ve faithfully captured the essence of a house or a room.  I’ve also created many 3D models for architects and builders far removed from my little corner of the world — buildings I will never see and so have no particular connection to or investment in (other than doing a great rendering for my client).

But there’s an entirely different feeling that accompanies creating a 3D version of someone’s dream — AND THEN SEEING IT ACTUALLY BUILT IN REAL LIFE.  It’s sort of eerie — a sense of deja vu — to see something that has existed only in my mind and on my computer become bricks and mortar and sinks and toilets.  It’s hard to describe, but it really does feel like I’ve seen into the future.

I had this experience recently in my own home when we had our 1935-vintage bathroom remodeled. I created detailed 3Ds of what I wanted the finished room to look like — and then got that eerie feeling as I saw my renderings slowly come to life as the remodel progressed.

3D Bathroom Remodel Rendering by

3D Render of Planned Bathroom Remodel

Photo of Actual Remodeled Bathroom

Now maybe this shouldn’t come as such a surprise — I did design it, after all, so what did I expect them to build?  But it happens every time with projects like this — I feel that somehow I’ve been able to glimpse the future and capture it in pixels.

Have you ever wished that you could see into the future?  I can help.

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4 responses to “You can be clairvoyant!

  1. Kathleen, I like how you designed the bathroom better. They should have paid attention to how high you ran the tile on the walls behind the towell bar, it looks better than the actual finish. It would be interesting to know who changed this and why, was it the contractor and the homeowner just did not catch it or did the homeowner make this change.

    Anyway, nice job.

  2. BEAUTIFUL RENDERING AND BEAUTIFUL BATHROOM! Wonderful job Dr.K! You certainly did have a “vision!”

  3. Thanks, Chris and Kay.

    Actually, Chris, I think the wall tile really is the same height as in the rendering (you can’t really see it well in this photo), it’s just that the towel bar is mounted higher, on the drywall instead of drilling through the marble tile (which makes sense, I guess). But my contractor did make some choices without consulting me that really varied from the original plan, including a major screw-up from not measuring certain things which required a really lame “fix” to make it look halfway decent — AND HE THEN TRIED TO CHARGE ME FOR THE “EXTRA WORK”!! Don’t get me started on that!

  4. I probably should have posted the “before” picture for comparison. This new tub area basically DOUBLED the square footage of our tiny 1935 bathroom! 🙂

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