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I recently discovered one of my renderings displayed on a webpage called “thread of calm.”

I’m not quite sure what the site is about, and that particular thread looks like it hasn’t been updated in over a year.

But hey, even though my image was hijacked, I kind of like knowing that someone somewhere found it evocative and calming.

3D Rendering by CastleView3D.com

My cat, Oedipuss Rex, is soaking up the calming 3D vibes and enjoying the painting by my friend, artist Lynette Blake, from her “cosmos” series.

As a former therapist, this suggests to me a quasi-therapeutic use for 3D renderings:  create (or have a 3D artist create) a virtual “happy place” designed to your specifications — a space which has the ability to calm and soothe you just by looking at it — maybe a real place, or something remembered from your past, or perhaps completely imaginary.  Then you could set the image as wallpaper on your computer or phone, and “go to your happy place” by gazing at your 3D image whenever you need to take a step back from the stresses in your life and lower your blood pressure by a few points!

What do you think?  Is there a potential market for a service like that?

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3 responses to ““thread of calm”

  1. I would say that we 3D Pretty Pixel Purveyors are most certainly selling “calm.”

    There is so much doubt about all the decisions folks must make when building a home. They are obligating HUGE amounts of money but have no clue if it will turn out as they hope.

    When they see the future in 3D, they can proceed with calm. They know they will have no buyers remorse. Peace of mind. Priceless.

    Which brings me back to one of your earlier blogs. What are folks willing to pay for the kind of peace of mind we are selling?

  2. And YES your kitty cat looks beyond mellow. Strange where our 3D work ends up. Sadly, I have found 3DPlanView work listed on some sites that are not exactly on the up and up. At least your kitty picture was used in a decent manner. Kinda cool, actually.

  3. You are so right, Kay — the calm from a “happy place” rendering is nothing compared to the calm of being able to see your new home or remodeled space before you plunk down all that cash to build it!!

    I don’t mind too much when people “borrow” my images for things like this without credit or attribution. But like you, I have found them places where they shouldn’t be — like on other 3D renderers’ websites! Why would they try to pass my work off as their own? Even if it got them projects, the clients would find out soon enough that they weren’t getting what they thought they were. Very puzzling to me.

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