Newly released update to Thea Render

Posted by Kathleen Moore, CastleView 3D:


Sandro Sorce's 3d recreation of Carapicuiba House, designed by Angelo Bucci & Alvaro Puntoni

Sandro Sorce’s 3D recreation of Carapicuiba House, rendered with Thea

My rendering engine of choice, Thea Render, just issued a new update yesterday, v1.1.  I haven’t had much of an opportunity to try it out yet, but already I can tell that it’s  much faster than the previous version.

Here are just a few of the new features/fixes in this release, as listed on the Thea user forum:

  • Optimized environment resulting in a speed up factor close to x2 and better memory footprint.
  • Addition of Render History functionality. [Allows side-by-side comparison of render versions.]
  • Integrated support for large previews (256×256) for material and texture editors (high resolution).
  • Colimo integration with the unbiased TR1 and TR2 engines. [Colimo sounds very intriguing and I’m definitely planning to check it out.]

Sandro Sorce (a Thea beta tester) had this to say in a review on Ronen Bekerman’s Architectural Visualization blog:

Thea Render is packed with features. Whether you prefer to render using biased or unbiased methods, Thea Render has a lot to offer – the render quality (IMHO) is excellent, and I’m sure there will be a lot more examples of great renders as the user base grows… Thea Render is a very young, yet already very mature product, and I honestly think it’s going to go from strength to strength.

And Ronen Bekerman responded:

I’ve been playing with it on and off, but recent updates really look good. I like the Interactive Render very much… Although very similar to V-Ray RT in how it looks, it is much more capable in that you can navigate it and select elements inside it…

I been exploring the material lab today and I love it very much too – the preview is very fast which is nice and helps in developing materials much more at ease.

I’m happy to hear positive reactions to Thea, which was only introduced a little over a year ago.  For me personally, it took a while to initially warm up to Thea, but the more I use it the better I like it.  I’m sure the new features in this release — including more SPEED — will make it even better.

There’s a great video tutorial here that goes into detail about some of the new features.

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3 responses to “Newly released update to Thea Render

  1. Hi, Kathleen

    I am new to 3D – in fact, I’m not even trained in it… just getting my feet wet. I’ve recently started using the TheaRender demo, and even though it’s so much better than KT, I am unsure about purchasing it due to the limited support and video guides to get really immersed in it. I need to know much more about the product before I buy. Do you have any good links for learning the TheaRender tools before I decide to graduate from the demo?

  2. Hi Quentin — thanks for stopping by. I love Thea, but I have to admit that the documentation currently leaves something to be desired. I’m told they’re working on a new manual, but they’re so busy making improvements to the program that they haven’t quite finished it yet.

    In the meantime, I’ll share the resource where I’ve learned most of what I know about how to use Thea — it’s Chieftalk, the user forum for Chief Architect modeling software. Check out this thread in particular. You’ll see an entire thread of me and my colleagues struggling together to learn how to use Thea. Some of it is Chief-specific, but a lot of it isn’t, and there are links to a variety of other resources, many buried in the Thea user forum. You can also search on YouTube for videos by John Bandi. This one is a good place to start:

    Let me know if you run into any specific questions I might be able to help with.

  3. Hey, no problem… thanks for responding so quickly and candidly… I will definitely follow up with those Thea suggestions and give you my feedback: much appreciated ! cheers 🙂

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