Another inspiration (#5) – an architectural video animation

Posted by Kathleen Moore, CastleView 3D:


Here’s a wonderful architectural video animation recently shared on the 3rd Dimension blog:

$17.9 million is what you can expect to pay for this 30,000 sq ft luxurious private residence in Florida. 3rd Dimension was commissioned to create a number of aerial photomontages and eye level 3D visuals along with an exterior 3D movie of the proposed development. It was an amazing project to work on — credit to the project architects Yates Rainho in Florida for such a fantastic design. The 3D imagery and animation were used for both planning and marketing purposes…. One neat little trick we used for the 3D movie was the animation of the ocean in the aerial photomontages. Panning the still images and having movement within them such as the ocean and cars makes it difficult to tell that they are CGI.

The design is gorgeous, and I have to agree that animation of the surf and pool waterfall adds realism and an even greater degree of visual interest to the images of this breath-taking mansion.  I would have liked to have seen interiors — but perhaps that’s another project entirely (one for CastleView 3D, perhaps!).

I really do get inspired by looking at the beautiful work that others have done, such as this great architectural video animation, and I hope you do, too.  If you see work worth sharing on Life Should Be 3D, be sure to bring it to my attention.

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5 responses to “Another inspiration (#5) – an architectural video animation

  1. Kathleen,

    Pretty nice.

    I’ve gone to the Evermotion forum and looked at the “Best of Evermotion”, and gotten a lot of inspiration there.

    Just thought I’d throw that in there…

  2. It IS crazy REAL looking. I would love to know what set of software (and hardware) they used to model and render. I would also love to know how long it took and how many people worked on this. Amazing!

  3. Hi Kathleen,

    Thanks for the post. Nice to see we can inspire! @kay we model everthing in AutoCad and then use 3dsMax and Vray along with photoshop and adobe after effects. The beginning of the movie where you see the animated ocean and animated cars are actually still aerial photomontages that we brought to life in after effects. A total of 4 people worked on the project at one stage or another. Rendering time was long enough due to the level of landscaping but ws definitely worth it. Glad you like it.


    • Life Should Be 3D

      Thanks, Nick — and thanks for inspiring me! As a “solopreneur,” it sounds like it would be fun to work as a team on a project like that.

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