Had enough turkey yet?

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A 3D modeling project halfway around the world

In honor of American Thanksgiving last Thursday (the one day of the year when an estimated 88% of U.S. households are eating roast turkey, the traditional Thanksgiving meal), today I’m featuring some 3D modeling work I did for a client in Turkey.

This client is a builder, specializing in designing and building elegant villas on the coast of Turkey.  He had floorplans for his new project in Bodrum, and had already commissioned a few exterior renders.  But he needed some virtual interior decorating to show off the interiors.  He hired CastleView 3D to do the interior modeling only, since he preferred to do his own renders.

But of course, once the interiors were modeled, they looked so beautiful and inviting that I couldn’t resist generating a few renders.  Here are a couple of them.  The views out the windows are photos of the actual views from the house!

3D Modeling and Rendering of Kitchen/Dining Area of Turkish Villa

The image above is a kitchen with bar, dining area, and breakfast nook, decorated in a modern style but with classic Mediterranean touches.  (The wonderful “Sputnik” chandeliers were modeled for me by my friend and virtual colleague, Bryce Engstrom.)

3D Modeling and Rendering of a Tower Bedroom in a Turkish Villa

This image is a tower bedroom overlooking the Mediterranean.  Ne kadar güzel!  (Google Translate tells me that that’s Turkish for “how beautiful!”)  I can just imagine curling up on that round bed in the tower to read and gaze out at the amazing view.

3D Modeling and Rendering of a Tower Bedroom in a Turkish Villa

I also modeled and “decorated” a marble entry hall with inlaid floors, and a cinema room.  You can see my client’s renders of those rooms, plus the exterior renders and his versions of the rooms shown above, here.

Here’s the website’s description of this particular villa:

Mesa Construction has selected a 4 hectares land in a bay where the most luxury villas of Yalikavak are located…  From this land there is a wonderful view of the bay of Yalikavak and nature is really beautiful. Mesa Construction will build a luxury villa inspired by french style “belles demeures”, equipped with all american comfort (central air conditioning, smart home system, jacuzzi, elevator, …) but also full of the turkish charm. A unique combination to fully enjoy Bodrum’s life!

As of this posting, I believe this villa is still for sale, so hurry up and make an offer if it appeals to you!  You’d better believe I’d buy it myself if I could.

This was a great 3D modeling project to work on, even more amazing because it involved collaborating with someone literally on the other side of the globe.  It’s my fantasy that someday I’ll get to visit Turkey and see some of these beautiful villas in person.

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8 responses to “Had enough turkey yet?

  1. Hi Dr K,
    Ozgur will be your official tour guide in Turkey. :))

    Wonderful presentation of the kitchen/dining room area.


  2. Hey Dr. K!
    VERY NICE! I am talking about YOUR renders not his. I think he made a mistake not paying you to render all of them! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the compliments, Jintu and Kay! I thought his version of the kitchen was interesting, but truthfully I don’t like it as much as mine! And the rest of his renders look oddly washed out — do you think that was the effect he was going for?

  4. The client’s renderings also look good but not as good as yours…maybe that is his style…or the odd result of his ray tracer?. 🙂

  5. Hey, I remember those light fixtures! 😉 Thanks for the mention. My wife and I spent a week driving up the west coast of Turkey many years ago. It is beautiful country and we had a wonderful time. The food was amazing and the people very friendly.

  6. How do I give myself a picture on a blog like this?

    • I think you have to log in to WordPress and upload an avatar for your profile — then you can be yourself, not just a blank silhouette. 🙂

  7. I got mine from registering with http://en.gravatar.com/

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