What’s new in Chief Architect X5

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new version of chief architect x5 to be released soon

image of Chief Architect X5 software product coverChief Architect has just posted a video peek at the new features that will be available in the upcoming X5 Premier version, which they expect to release in Fall 2012.


Some of the new or improved features in Chief Architect X5 include:

  • shadow boards and ridge caps (finally!)
  • greater customization of railings
  • auto corner boards and quoins
  • new auto dimension tools and options
  • plan display of door and window casings
  • complex cabinet door configurations
  • automatic catalog  updates
  • PDF file import
  • callout labels for cameras
  • progressive raytracing and better control of raytrace settings
  • improved walkthrough tools, including keyframes.

The upgrade to X5 is automatic for anyone with Chief Architect’s SSA support package.

Chief Architect has been my modeling software of choice for the past 5 years, and this looks like a nice set of improvements and new features.  

UPDATE 8/15/2012:  X5 Beta was released to current SSA subscribers today.  check your digital locker if you’re a Chief Architect subscriber.


3 responses to “What’s new in Chief Architect X5

  1. Wow, I’m very excited. There are several things that they just nailed. GET IT??? NAILED!

    Walk-through keyframes, change camera to marker, and ridge caps are three of my favorite.

    Still no isometric plumbing diagrams though. Still no ability to control Fill Styles by layer. And I will still make my own schedules, because I hate CA’s schedules. And I will still make my own monolithic foundation plans because I do not like the look of the ones CA produces. Sigh.

    • Life Should Be 3D

      “Nailed” — pretty funny! Yes, Chief is still far from perfect. But the things you mention as lacking aren’t features I would ever use, so I’m probably happier with the changes than you are.

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Always good to hear from fellow Chief users.

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