3D Camp in Houston, Texas, 9.29.12

 Posted by Kathleen Moore, CastleView 3D:

Haven’t you always wanted to go to 3D camp?

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Here’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in 3D technology:  the upcoming 3D Camp in Houston, Texas on September 29th.  The event includes a variety of speakers and even an art show.  In addition to the interesting information sessions, this conference is a great opportunity to network with like-minded folks, share ideas, and explore opportunities.  Offered at the University of Houston, the registration fee of only $15 includes breakfast and lunch.

Topics on the agenda are wide-ranging:

  • Design Visualization: The Process of Visualization + Digital Design in Architecture
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Healthcare Architecture
  • A Cast of Thousands – Expanding your creative reach with Poser and Daz Studio
  • 3D Art – Fabric to Frankenstein
  • Bridging the Gap Between the Traditional and Digital Sculpture Studio
  • Digital Sculpting and Anatomy
  • Hollywood 3D Props
  • iPhone Game Development
  • Basic Character Rigging
  • Introduction to 3D Photography
  • Medical Illustration and Animation

It sounds like you can learn a lot at this camp, as well as meeting interesting, like-minded folks and making some great connections in the field.

3D Camp Houston - Design Visualization imageI encourage you to encourage anyone you know in the Houston area who’s interested in graphic design, animation, architecture, engineering, or the arts to attend this cool event, because 3D is definitely where the fields of design and architecture are headed. The conference registration link is here.

Doesn’t 3D Camp sound  like fun?  Wish I could attend, but alas, it’s over 1500 miles away.  If you go, or if you attended the previous event in 2009, please leave a comment and let us know what you got out of it.

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2 responses to “3D Camp in Houston, Texas, 9.29.12

  1. Incredible! It was better than we could ever have imagined. There were over 300 people registered and the amount of vendors showing off their technology made the day so much more special. The food just kept on coming, yes, we fed everyone for breakfast, lunch and then there was an opening reception for the art show with wine and snacks. People could not believe the amount and quality of door prizes. And it all cost just $15.00 for the entire day.

    The architectural department invited 3DCAMP Houston to show in their space next year. What would that mean? Hopefully that all three departments, the department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics along with the school of Art and the Architectural department would be hosts of 3DCAMP Houston 2013. It also means there is more space and 3DCAMP Houston 2013 can grow.

    Many of the attendees commented, ” I don’t have to go to California or NY and I would have paid so much more for this day.”

    We should know more about next years dates soon. In the meantime, we are not finished. We have a 3D printing contest coming up after the first of the year. So get your designs ready.

    • Life Should Be 3D

      Thanks for the summary, Bridgette! Wish I could have been there. Interest in all things 3D is only going to increase over the coming years, so I’m sure your event will continue to grow.

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