Chief Architect X8: New Step-by-Step Training Book

Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8

Terry Munson has come out with yet another useful guidebook for those who want to learn to use Chief Architect X8, the most recent version of the great Chief Architect Premiere professional 3D modeling software.  This is the software I have been using in my 3D rendering and home visualization work since 2007.  I and many others have found Terry’s books extremely helpful in getting the most out of a complex piece of software, so I’m happy to publicize his latest version.

Here’s what the new book has to offer (in Terry’s words):

Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8 book

Terry Munson’s latest step-by-step guide, available on

First off, I want to thank all of you that have continued to buy my books, year after year. Because of your patronage, I have continued to write the Chief Architect Step By Step Learning Books. This began with Chief Architect X3 and has continued to X8. I have also written 3 advanced books and a roof book, all still available for sale.

“Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8” is now available for sale!  This is the latest addition to the Chief Architect Step By Step Learning Books. What can I say? After countless hours of research and writing, I believe this is my best work yet! Not only does this book include all of the new tools and enhancements of Chief Architect X8, it also includes a different home design project than that used in any of my previous books.  Unfortunately, the price for the book is going up, slightly. Sorry about that, but its the same old story you’ve heard before, costs go up, so price has to go up. But read on to see the extra value you will be getting with the DVD that is included with each book.

Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8 DVD

Chief Architect X8 Workbook and a New Study Guide Included

I have really loaded this DVD. It now includes the X8 Workbook (a $40 value), and a new Study Guide (easily a $40 value). The Workbook has been rewritten and includes additional projects. The Workbook not only solidifies the user’s ability to use Chief Architect proficiently but also presents new tools and concepts through numerous step by step projects. I wrote the Study Guide because of several requests from teachers who teach Chief Architect. They wanted a more condensed version of my main book in order for their students to learn more quickly due to time restraints. So the Study Guide takes you quickly through laying out a floor plan, adding floors, adding a roof and decks, and touches a little on interior design.

Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8 project example

A Great Value for 3 Books in One

Even though you will now get “Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8” plus the workbook, plus the Study Guide, the price is only $74.95! But hurry! Only a limited number of books were published in the first printing. The price will need to go up for future printings of the book.

You can learn more about all of Terry Munson’s Chief Architect Step By Step Tutorial Learning Books at


5 responses to “Chief Architect X8: New Step-by-Step Training Book

  1. John Abebrese

    Hello Terry,
    I have no draughting experience, even though I have undergone a course in building technology.

    I am passionate about buildings and I would want to learn how to design a house, COMPLETELY, (ie from foundation to roofing), with the Chief Architect software.

    My worry is this:

    With no experience in draughtsmanship, would I be able to DESIGN A HOUSE to YOUR (!!!) satisfaction, (that is, get a good pass mark, at least, if you were my Instructor), IF I follow your STEP BY STEP instructions in your books on Chief Architect?

    If your genuine answer is YES, then PLEASE send me a PRO FORMA Invoice for a copy of your book on the latest incarnation of Chief Architect, the X8.

    I thank you for your time.

    Yours faithfully,


    • Hi John,
      Sorry it took me so long to see your request. My answer to your question is yes and no. My step by step tutorial book will show you how to get the most out of the Chief Architect software. I also have an advanced book and a roof book to further enhance your use of the software. So I would say yes to being able to use the software to produce a set of plans. However, there is more to home design than drafting when it come to creating a set of plans that a builder can use to build a house. You will need to know about structure design for one. You must have knowledge as to beam, joist sizes and load points and how to provide support. You must be able to produce a braced wall schedule. You must know about a whole host of things, such as how to prevent leaks, providing proper drainage, interior design principles, etc. etc. My books only tell you how to use the software to put all of this information in a set of plans. Most jurisdictions also require that you be licensed and have the required college degree (such as Architect or Engineer) before they would even approve a set of plans.

      My latest book, “Residential Design Using Chief Architect X9” and “Become a Chief Architect Expert (Version X9)” are now available. Also if you have registered to receive my newsletters you would be eligible for a very special 2 for 1 price! Go to either one of my websites or for more information. Thanks!
      Terry Munson

  2. Are the study guide and work book still available along with the Residentual Design Using Chief Architect X8?

    • Life Should Be 3D

      I believe so, Bill. But if you have specific questions, I’d suggest contacting Terry Munson through his website,

    • Hi Bill,
      The study guide and workbook are both included on the DVD that is bundled with each book. “Residential Design Using Chief Architect X8” is still available, however, there are only a few left. My latest book, “Residential Design Using Chief Architect X9” and “Become a Chief Architect Expert (Version X9) are now available and for sale at There are also free tutorials and tips at that website. You can also sign up for my newsletter from that site and receive special offers and information.

      Terry Munson

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