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Life Should Be 3D is a blog about 3D architectural design and rendering. 

Its purpose is to share thoughts, opinions, explanations, and even some technical information about 3D home design, as well as to present wonderful “drool-worthy” examples of architectural renderings.

3D home visualization is a field that is growing in its importance and impact, but many people don’t have much knowledge about what it involves, what can be accomplished (or how), or the value it can bring to their home building, remodeling, and redecorating projects.

3D architectural design and rendering by CastleView 3DNo longer are people limited to working with two-dimensional floor plans or blueprints. Today, 3D visualization tools can show you  how your new home or remodeled room will look BEFORE you embark on an expensive project. These tools — and designers’ skills at using them — are becoming more sophisticated all the time.  Life Should Be 3D’s mission is to share current developments in the field to broaden awareness of the power, value, and availability of these resources.  I also feature occasional guest posts from architects, designers, and 3D rendering artists to give a variety of perspectives on the field.

About Me

photo of Kathleen Moore, owner of CastleView 3D
I’m Kathleen Moore, owner and chief artist at CastleView 3D.  I started this company in 2007 to produce high-quality 3D renderings for builders, remodelers, homeowners, and others.

As a teenager, my career aspiration was to become an interior decorator.  When I started college, I majored in Set Design. Later on, I considered getting an architecture degree.  But instead, I ended up earning bachelors, masters, and PhD degrees in psychology.  I’ve worked as a psychotherapist, a market researcher, and a university administrator.  But my interest in home design and decor has been a constant undercurrent.

In 2007, I taught myself CAD modeling and rendering beginning with an entry-level home designer program (with help and support from several important mentors — you know who you are!).  My passion for this new endeavor was so strong that I would stay up until the wee hours of the morning practicing, learning, experimenting, constantly seeking the holy grail of renderings so realistic you couldn’t tell them from photographs.  Time just seemed to stand still for me while I was working in the 3D world.  Within 6 months’ time, I had upgraded to professional-level software and developed my skills to a level where knowledgeable friends and colleagues advised me to go into business.

CastleView 3D’s motto is “where dreams take shape,” and I feel that’s exactly what I do — help people take their home design dreams and shape them into three-dimensional representations of what they could look like in the real world.  Many people have told me what a difficult time they have making the jump from a confusing floorplan full of numbers, lines, and jargon into imagining what the completed project will actually look like.  That’s why my skill in producing detailed images, with realistic colors and textures, provides such a valuable service.  My clients’ excitement is contagious as they see their new home or addition spring to life in three-dimensional color renderings — another part of what makes this work so enjoyable for me.

Photo of the courtyard garden at CastleView 3D's world headquarters in Rochester, NY

My Courtyard Garden

I was born in Houston, Texas, and have lived all over the United States.  But I like Rochester, New York, best of all and call it my “home of choice.”  My two cats and I live in a 1935 “English cottage” style home in a suburb of Rochester.  But luckily, thanks to the wonders of modern web technology, I am able to collaborate with people anywhere in the world.  I have worked with clients from as far away as Turkey, Australia, and UK.

I hope you enjoy Life Should Be 3D, because LIFE SHOULDN’T BE TWO-DIMENSIONAL!!

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