CastleView 3D Pricing Guidelines


How much will my 3D renderings cost?

Pricing for 3D rendering services depends on many things, including the size of the plan, the number of views needed, and how much detail and custom matching are required.

Over time, we have found that a good rule of thumb for "guesstimating" the cost for a particular rendering project is to figure on spending approximately 1-2% of the construction or remodeling project's total budget on your renderings or visualizations.

Our renderings are a great value and our prices are very reasonable for the quality of work and level of personalized service we provide. We love what we do, and nothing pleases us more than delivering a project that is exactly what you want and need.

A word of advice: never choose a rendering company based solely on price -- unless you’re willing to lower your quality expectations accordingly. Good work takes time, and a budget-priced rendering service will give you exactly what you pay for (that is, not much). You're spending thousands of dollars on your building project -- the smart step of getting good visualizations created is not the place to economize!

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