The 3D Rendering Process

CastleView 3D rendering process

Creating high-quality photorealistic renderings is accomplished in three basic steps:

Of course it's a lot more complicated behind the scenes, but those are the basic steps. If you're interested, you can read a lot more about the process below.

To enable us to produce the images you need at the lowest price, it's helpful if you can provide as many specifications as possible up front regarding windows, doors, cabinets, moldings, appliances, light fixtures,furnishings, landscaping, colors and materials, etc. Our goal is to ensure that the first draft is as close as possible to the final look desired.

Our work process provides for one round of changes at no extra charge after you review initial draft-quality proof images. This covers things like corrections to the model, slight changes to materials, and other minor changes. We're happy to work with you to get everything just right, but changes to the original design, extensive decor/materials changes, or other significant changes will incur additional charges at our hourly rate for custom work.

Final renderings are usually emailed to you. But they can also be drop-boxed and/or posted on a private client-only webpage. Delivery on flash drive or CD is also available at cost.

We hope this description of our work process is helpful in deciding whether to work with CastleView 3D. We believe that our renderings are a great value and that our prices are very reasonable for the quality of work and level of personalized service we provide.

We love what we do, and nothing pleases us more than delivering a project that is exactly what you want and need.

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The Fine Print

Even More Information About Our Process

Here's a lot more detail about the basic steps involved in producing 3D renderings, in case you're interested in learning more. Please note that not all of these steps may be needed for your particular project.


At this point, basic "draft quality" images of the model are produced for your approval, and any necessary changes are made to the model before rendering. These non-photorealistic draft images are included with every project at no extra charge, and may in fact be all some people need. For most of our clients, however, these serve as project "proofs" before proceeding to final photorealistic rendering.

Any changes to the model after approval of model drafts will incur extra charges, so we want to be sure you are satisfied with the model before beginning the rendering phase.

Some of the things which can increase the modeling time required (and thus the cost) of a particular project include:


Our standard rendering size is 1800x1200 pixels. Larger renderings can be produced if needed; pricing will increase proportionately.


Many of our clients want their renderings incorporated into a virtual home tour (view a sample tour here). The additional steps required for this process are: